Please see a few of my testimonials below.

“Dominique, I would like to thank you for the help you have given me as my counsellor.
Your professionalism and care has enabled me to deal with the issues that were troubling me, and I am very happy with the positive outcome.
You listened and gently helped me explore ways of making me feel better about myself.
I have no hesitation in offering this, unsolicited, testimonial, and I will be glad to approach you again if I feel the need.”
RB, Suffolk

‘Thank you so much Dominique, for all your help, support and caring during our difficult time, you made a world of difference to what was a really emotional and challenging time in our marriage. You not only help us rebuild our relationship, but you also made us stronger as a couple. Your time and devotion to helping others is a gift to be shared!’ E & A W, Suffolk

“I was always very sceptical about having counselling as I had strong opinion that we should all learn to deal with our own emotions, but I had reached an all time low of depression. I felt lost, trapped and I didn’t know how to help myself. I therefore decided I needed to speak to someone. Dominique was fantastic and I felt like I could open up to her and let everything out. She was very understanding and her responses were always well thought out and made perfect sense. I have no doubt that I will use her again in the future and I would recommend her services highly!”​ Ryan.

All you need is love and Dominique!  
Dear Dominique, thank you so much for your patience, understanding and amazing skill and insight. We were broken when we came to you and you have week by week helped to put us back together.
Forever grateful to you.
Best wishes, Elizabeth & Nick.

Thank you so much for the efforts you have put in over the last few months in understanding and helping solve the many issues I have so long had. I now not only do not suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but also our sessions have given me a new perspective on situations that before I found very difficult. I would like to recommend you to anyone with difficulties and can say without reservation that Dominique is an extremely capable counsellor.
All the best
Scott, Essex.

I have been reflecting on the words from your online profile: ‘It can feel scary and uncomfortable but with support from someone neutral and outside your normal world, it can be a relief just to talk and can be surprisingly enlightening’.
I was scared and unwell but you provided the support needed to understand why I had furrowed past paths and though allowing me to talk endlessly, enable me to consider the creation of new pathways both for now and for the future. Thank you for being there in what was a very difficult phase in my life. Yes the process was enlightening and although sometimes painful, ultimately it was a very positive experience. The outcome?  A more settled and contented me, with a fulfilling plan for the future. What have I learned?  Or more honestly what am I still learning?  How to be ‘good enough’! You have been instrumental in where I am today – that you Dominique.
Mrs A, Essex.

‘I would just like to say a big thank you to Dominique for all her help during my counselling sessions. I had bad anxiety problems, and was very confused and hopeless of ever getting better. Once my counselling with Dominique began things started to change. I felt so comfortable talking to her and told her things I would never tell anyone else. She is a very good listener, easy to talk to and very understanding. She has helped me to straighten out my life and encouraged me to see a better future for myself. I would recommend her to anyone.’ Ms N, 46, Essex.

‘I found counselling really helped me and Dominique showed me how to deal with life differently and understand why I was feeling the way I was. I found I also learnt how to turn my feelings and thoughts into something more positive and not dwell on the past.’ KW 26, Herts.

‘My very first time I met Dominique, I was extremely nervous but as soon as Dominique greeted me with a lovely smile I felt at ease. I had many issues that was dragging me down day by day over at least 20 years and could not bring myself to even tell the most important people in my life. That’s where Dominique came in as she just simply listened and asked a few questions. I hated silent times. I also had never read a book. But after a few sessions it was ok to have think time. I also now read books! And thanks to Dominique I finally confronted most of the demons floating around in my head. So please make a phone call or email her it has changed my life.’ Mr S, 38, Essex.

‘Having had some days to reflect upon my situation and the sessions I have had with you, I am writing to express my deep and grateful thanks for your help in enabling me to begin to deal with the issues I have to resolve. Without your assistance I know that I would be in a poor state now with no idea how to start! I feel I may well require some more time with you and hope that I will be able to contact you as and when this happens. Once again, many thanks.’ Mr W, 66, Suffolk.